“Pulling Threads: On the Poetics of Strings in Tal Amitai-Lavi’s Works”

An essay about Tal Amitai-Lavi's threads works for the book PULLING THREADS, published in conjunction with "The Pulsating Room," Ramat Hasharon Contemporary Art Gallery, June, 2023


“A Maiden, a Mother and a Crone: Fishing in the Collective Consciousness”

A catalogue essay for Carol Jazzar's artist book "All (W-hole) of Me", Healing through Art: The Art of Deconstructing and Recreating Oneself, published by Miami Design District, March 2023


“Magical Threads and Meditative Carpet in the Frequency of Zen Poems”

An essay about HOMELINE by Tal Amitai-Lavi and Tal Frank for Locust Projects' Blog, online edition, June 2021


“On the Nature of Holes, Black Gold and Love of Fate in Petropias by Tony Vazquez-Figueroa”

A catalogue essay for PETROPIAS: Tony Vazquez-Figueroa, LnS Gallery, Miami


“Allison Zuckerman: To Create from a Cloud”

A catalogue essay for Allison Zuckerman: To Create from a Cloud, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“Qinza Najm: Still I Rise”

An online catalogue essay for Qinza Najm: Still I Rise, A.I.R. Gallery, New York


“Purity and Impurity in the Wilderness of the Imagination”

A catalogue essay for Moran Kliger: Seven Primates, Basis Gallery, Herzliya


“From the Passion for the Real to Life Itself”

A catalogue essay for Tomer Sapir: Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index


“Time of Fracture: Reencountering the Work of Florencio Gelabert”

A catalogue essay for Florencio Gelabert: Displacements. IdeoBox, Miami


“Stopping Time, Molding Mold”

A catalogue essay for Gal Weinstein: Sun Stand Still, The Israeli Pavilion, la Biennale di Venezia


“Serial Robbery in the Playground of Art History”

A catalogue essay on the series Stranger in Paradise by Allison Zuckerman, The Rubell Family Collection, Miami


“Frances Goodman Nails her Colors to the Mast”

A catalogue essay for Frances Goodman: Rapaciously Yours, Richard Taittinger Gallery, NYC


“Neither Tree nor Ashes”

A conversation with Shanthamani M. for "Neither Tree nor Ashes", published by Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, Paris


“On the Miracle of Representation: Conversation with Oren Eliav”

A conversation with Oren Eliav for "Advent" published by Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, Paris


“Contextualizing Hunting: on Dina Shenhav: D.O.A.”

An essay for Dina Shenhav: D.O.A. published in "small format" by ArtCenter [Little River Edition], Miami


“No Man’s Land – A Comfort Zone: Notes about a Title”

A catalogue essay for NO MAN'S LAND: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection, RFC


“From Skins to Landscape: on Agustina Woodgate’s Rug Collection”

A brochure essay for Agustina Woodgate: Rugs, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood


“Like a Thread in a Storm”

An essay for a digital catalogue of Tal Amitai-Lavi: Light Construction, Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art


“From Body Politics to Conflict Politics: Aziz + Cucher Come Out of the (Biography) Closet”

A catalogue essay for Aziz + Cucher: Some People, The Indianapolis Museum of Art


“Critical Mass: Beyond Aesthetics”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Critical Mass: Contemporary Art from India, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (co-written with Rotem Ruff)


“Nature Has No Copyright”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition UNNATURAL, Bass Museum of Art


“Collecting is a Form of Uprooting – An Encounter between Self and Object”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Shelf Life (co-curated with Rotem Ruff), Haifa Museum of Art


“Aesthetics of Violence”

A brochure essay for three solo exhibitions: AES+F, Norbert Bisky and Biljana Đurđević, Haifa Museum of Art


“Power Games: Contemporary Art from Poland”

A brochure essay for Power Games: Contemporary Art from Poland, Haifa Museum of Art


“Exaggeration is Twice as Real”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Wild Exaggeration: The Grotesque Body in Contemporary Art, Haifa Museum of Art


“Kader Attia: Who Cares?”

A brochure essay for Kader Attia: Who Cares?, Haifa Museum of Art


“Craftsmen in the Factory of Images”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition BoysCraft, Haifa Museum of Art


“On the Noise in the Heart: A Chronicle of an Acquaintance with Hila Lulu Lin”

A comissioned essay for an artist book "Hila Lulu Lin: She*", Ein Harod Museum of Art


“The Road to Happiness: On Cultural Conflict, Desire, and Illusion in the Work of Kader Attia”

A central essay for the book published in conjunction with the exhibition Kader Attia in Musee d'art contemporain, Lyon


“FATAMORGANA: The Magic Lantern of Consciousness”

An catalogue essay for the exhibition Fatamorgana, Haifa Museum of Art


“The Industry of Emotions / Or: I Feel, Therefore I Am”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Mixed Emotions, Haifa Museum of Art


“Dancing with Barbed Wire”

An essay on Sigalit Landau for "Memorials of Identity: New Media from the Rubell Family Collection"


“Nir Hod: An Acrobat of Emotion in The Circus of Illusions”

A catalogue essay for Nir Hod: Forever, Tel Aviv Museum of Art


“Kader Attia: Ports of Paradise for Sale – On Fantasies and Brand Names in the Era of Globalization”

A brochure essay for the exhibition of Kader Attia, Herzliya Museum of Art (in French)


“Tal Amitai: Requiem for a Fantasy of Happiness”

A catalogue essay for Tal Amitai: (Temporary) Happiness, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“Love is in the Air: A Quick Introduction to Romantic Love”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Love is in the Air, Time for Art: Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv


“Time Capsule: Archaeology in Contemporary Art”

An essay for Time Capsule catalogue, Art in General, New York


“The God of Small Details”

A catalogue essay for OverCraft, The Art Gallery, Haifa University


“Mommy Dearest”

A brochure essay on Robert Melee’s work, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“Meirav Heiman: Family Dyes”

A brochure essay on Meirav Heiman’s video installation, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“Gal Weinstein: The Valley of Jezreel”

An essay for Chilufim (Transfer): An Exchange Project of Artists, 2002/2003, Israel - North Reine-Westphalia


“Aziz + Cucher: Passage”

A brochure text for Aziz + Cucher: Passage, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“A Woman Wearing These Clothes Remains Practically Naked”

An essay for Nicola Costantino: Boutique, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“What’s Soft, Translucent, Moist and Slimy? On Mediations of Erotic Nature in Hugit Rubinstein’s Work”

A catalogue essay for Hagit Rubinstein: Soft World, Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv


“On Paradoxes of Representation, Illusion and Vanity”

A catalogue essay for Gil Schachar: Hand Made, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art


“Burning Concerns: Delving into the Heart of the Conflict”

A catalogue essay for Tsibi Geva - Rage, Achshav.now Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin


Mount Miami: American Artists in Tel Aviv

A catalogue essay for Mount Miami, Tel Aviv Artists' Studios


Phantoms: Tsibi Geva and Jose bedia – Notes on an Inter-Cultural Encounter

Catalogue essay for Phantoms: Tsibi Geva and Jose Bedia, Art Focus 3, Jerusalem


“Eugenia Vargas – The Abject Body: Notes on Abjection and Prejudice”

A catalogue essay for Eugenia Vargas, Miami-Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus, Miami


“Between Nature and Culture: Poetics of Materials and Objects – New Work by Florencio Gelabert”

Text for a traveling solo exhibition at Ambrosino Gallery, Miami


“A Matter of Distance”

A catalogue essay for Desert Cliché: Israel Now - Local Images, a traveling exhibition in the USA


“I AND THOU: Processes of Abandonment and Anorexic Purification in César Trasobares’ New Sculptures”

Text for MIAMI ART PAPER in conjunction with an exhibition at Ambrosino Gallery, Miami


“Dorrit Yacoby: To Live with Knives in the Gut at the Gates of Mercy”

A catalogue essay for Dorrit Yacoby solo show at the Gallery of the Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, and at the Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka, Japan


“Meta-Sex 94: Identity, Body and Sexuality”

A catalogue essay for Meta-Sex 94, Ein Harod, Museum of Art, Bat Yam Museum


“Antipathos: Black Humor, Irony and Cynicism in Contemporary Israeli Art”

A catalogue essay for Antipathos, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


“Hastily the World Hastens to Pass Away…,”

A catalogue essay for the exhibition Postscripts: 'End' Representations in Contemporary Israeli Art, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University