From a Virgin to a Prostitute: The Basel Effect on the Miami Art Scene and the Impact of the Pandemic

A webinar lecture (“Virtual Trip to Miami”) commissioned by the Canadian organization Partners in Art (PIA) (in English) April 28


Adding a post-pandemic perspective, in this webinar presentation I developed my story about Miami – a beautiful paradox-rich city that has served as home for me in the past 11 years. Through the Basel Effect filter and through a sequence of  scandalous anecdotes related to the local art institutions: museums, private collections, galleries, and public spaces, I have told the story of the transformation: from a city of retirees to a Mecca art destination. In this version I related to the cancelation of Art Basel and how it effected the arts sector, while looking at the silver lining of the amplified attention to local artists that has spread to the streets in many shops and hotels.