On Metasex1994 and Antipathos

Guest Lecture for "Brief History of Exhibitions in Israel", an hybrid curatorial course at the Institute for Israeli Art at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo (in Hebrew)

The course dealt with groundbreaking exhibitions that took place in Israel over the years – exhibitions that gave expression to the spirits of change and presented a critical way of thinking. Some of them were considered significant landmarks already when they were presented, others became such over the years. In this lecture I focused on two exhibitions from my early career: Antipathos: Black Humor, Irony and Cynicism in Contemporary Israeli Art, held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in 1993 and MetaSex1994: Identity, Body and Sexuality, held at the Ein Harod Museum of Art and Bat Yam Museum in 1994. I looked back and contextualized these two exhibitions from today’s perspective.