The Lining of the Sublime: Undermining Boundaries of Body, Time and Place

Old Jaffa Museum

For the first time at the Institute for Israeli Art of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, a graduation exhibition of the Yona Fischer Program for Curatorial Studies and Museology, with the participation of 22 artists, curated by 25 students, guided by me.


Tony Vazquez-Figueroa: PETROPIAS

LnS Gallery, Miami

Petropias is a culmination of two years of dialogue with Tony Vasquez-Figueroa. It includes site-specific installations, paintings, photography, and sculptures - all reflecting the artist’s interpretation of the worldwide impact of the petroleum industry and how oil-rich countries create distorted social and cultural economic environments.


Qinza Najm: Still I Rise

A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY [curatorial advisor]

Qinza Najm is a New York-based, Pakistani-American artist whose interdisciplinary artistic practice explores gendered violence and female subjectivity. She is using artistic means to create empathy and understanding between societies and cultures in order to address the deepest social traumas. This is her first solo show in NYC.


Allison Zuckerman: To Create from a Cloud

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Allison Zuckerman samples elements from past masterpieces of Western culture – always by male artists – and creates a new remix that combines layers of history with a hyperactive, up-to-date, contemporary presence. I called it "a post-postmodern pastiche on steroids". This is the first museum show of Zuckerman in Israel.


Gal Weinstein: Sun Stand Still

The Israeli pavilion, la Biennale di Venezia

Gal Weinstein’s project for the Israeli pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, is a new, site-specific installation which explores the human desire to stop time. Reflecting a fascination with actual and potential forms of progress and devastation, this project critically engages with the mythological images embedded in Israel’s collective memory.



ArtCenter [Little River Edition], Miami

For her installation, D.O.A. [Dead on Arrival], whose title is borrowed from the police jargon used to describe a murder site, Dina Shenhav meticulously recreated a hunter’s cabin, complete with all of the tools of his trade.


Nevet Yitzhak: WarCraft

The Screening Room, Wynwood Art District, Miami (TSR)

WarCraft is a new-media installation that consists of two single-channel video animations based on Afghan war rugs. This project raises questions about the representation and visibility of violence through artistic means.


Antonia Wright: You Make Me Sick: I Love You

Spinello Projects, Miami (curatorial advisor)

The sweeping exhibition featured video, photography, and sculpture, encompassed the entire Spinello Projects space as well as neighboring Butter Gallery. It was the first full-scale review of Wright’s work created over the course of a decade.


Aziz + Cucher: Time of the Empress

The Screening Room (TSR), Wynwood Art District, Miami

The seven large flat-screen panels hung from the ceiling display animated drawings of modernist buildings in an infinite loop of construction and disintegration.
Meirav Heiman and Yossi Ben Shoshan, Sperm Whale , 2009



The Bass Museum of Art

The concept of nature has acquired a new relevance in the hyper-technological age, leading many artists to reflect on artificial environments, where one is unable to trust what is real and what is not. 24 artists in this show challenge the gap between traditional perceptions of “nature” and “culture.”


Critical Mass: Contemporary Art from India

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The first major show to introduce the Israeli public to the thriving contemporary Indian art scene. The exhibition (co-curated with Rotem Ruff) featured seventeen artists – both established well-known and several young, emerging artists.


Nivi Alroy: Food Web

Fresh Paint 3, Tel Aviv

For this mini solo show Alroy - the recipient of the Igal Ahouvi Most Promising Artist Award - presented a new selection of works representing the diverse media in which she operates: sculpture and installation, drawing and animation.
Gili Avissar, Gizella, 2003-2010


Shelf Life

Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

This exhibition (co-curated with Rotem Ruff) examined the concern with the concept of "collecting" in a range of contexts - memory, nostalgia, commemoration, the fear of death, the relations between nature and culture, conventions of exhibition and display, and the collection's social function as a status symbol.


Aesthetics of Violence – AES+F Group: Video

Haifa Museum of Art

Last Riot is characterized by breathtaking beauty, accessible and communicative imagery and provocative, ceremonial scenes imbued with a glamorous, sensuous Baroque quality. It was shown as part 1 in a trilogy of "Aesthetics of Violence" cluster of exhibitions.


Aesthetics of Violence – Biljana Đurđević: Paintings

Haifa Museum of Art

The body of works featured in this exhibition represents a selection from several series created by Đurđević between 1999 and 2007, in which she gazes directly into the darkest abysses of the human soul. Her works were shown as part II in the trilogy of the "Aesthetics of Violence" cluster of shows.


Aesthetics of Violence – Norbert Bisky: Paintings

Haifa Museum of Art

Norbert Bisky's paintings reflect the cultural conflict stemming from the unification of the two Germanies, and the rapid transition from a communist regime to a capitalist consumer culture. His works were shown as part III in the trilogy of the "Aesthetics of Violence" cluster of shows.
Janek Simon, Departure, 2003


Power Games: Contemporary Art from Poland

Haifa Museum of Art

The exhibition "Power Games" presented a range of works created by six prominent visual artists currently working in Poland, and featured members of three different generations. The works of these artists all touch - whether explicitly or implicitly - on different representations of violence.
Nathalie Djurberg, Madeleine the Brave, 2006


Wild Exaggeration: The Grotesque Body

Haifa Museum of Art

The main exhibition in a cluster of shows that explored the notion of "grotesque" as an aesthetic category. Wild Exaggeration featured works by contemporary Israeli and international artists, who address the grotesque body - a radicalized, distorted, ridiculed body which exceeds its own boundaries, whose parts are ill-matched.
Haimi Fenichel, Horror Vacui?, 2008


Prizes in Art and Design from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport

Haifa Museum of Art

Co-curated with Tal Yahas, the exhibition of the 2007 prizes in art and design from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport presented the works of the 33 artists who have been awarded prizes in five categories.
avaf (assume vivid astro focus), Butch Queen 4, 2005


BoysCraft (trilogy, part III)

Haifa Museum of Art

"BoysCraft" focused on the manual and labor-intensive aspects of art-making, and on the use of handicraft traditions in contemporary art.


Kader Attia: Who Cares?

Haifa Museum of Art

Kader Attia examined the problematics related to the tangle of identity conflicts experienced by Muslim immigrants to France in two site-specific installations.
Guy Zagursky, Step by Step, 2006


Fatamorgana (trilogy, part II)

Haifa Museum of Art

The works in this show awaken a sense of wonder - that feeling of enchantment that arises when something is revealed as different than what it appeared to be. Fatamorgana examined the growing interest in forms of visual deception and illusion in both Israeli and international art.
Amy Jenkins, The Audrey Samsara, 2004


Mixed Emotions (trilogy, part I)

Haifa Museum of Art

The preoccupation with emotions raises challenging questions about representation and interpretation: is it at all possible to represent emotions and mental states? Are works about emotions necessarily emotional?


Nir Hod: Forever

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The exhibition featured a new body of works from the series “Forever”. The paintings were based on scenes carefully staged by the artist, photographed and re-translated in a laborious technique of oil painting in monumental dimensions.


Tal Amitai: (temporary) Happiness

Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The central theme of this exhibition was the wedding ceremony – the fantasy of ultimate happiness. The five sculptural objects on display generated a setting that resonates with the decor of a banquet hall signified as a site of catastrophe.
Galia Yahav, Everything Turns to Ashes, 1995


Love is in the Air – Time for Love

Time for Art: Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv

Romantic love as a theme was never a major ingredient in the diet of Israeli art which was always more conceptual, political and emotionally repressed. A group exhibition of contemporary Israeli artists served, for the first time, the sentiment of romantic love as the main course.


OverCraft: Obsession, Decoration and Biting Beauty

The Art Gallery, Haifa University , Haifa; Artists House, Tel Aviv

OverCraft presented 15 Israeli female-artists who distinctively use an obsessive and decorative visual language in order to reveal various aspects of feminist-oriented issues.


Time Capsule

Art in General, New York

The works included in Time Capsule explored archaeology as a political and social force. The 12 international artists investigate archaeology as a practice encumbered by issues of identity, property and heritage.


Robert Melee: Bath Time Mommy

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

This solo exhibition presented Robert Melee’s Bath Time Mommy, his film from 2000, as well as four short films from the series Home Movies. The protagonist in most of his works is his mother in her role-playing persona.


Gal Weinstein: The Valley of Jezreel

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

A site-specific project by Gal Weinstein curated as part of Transfer, a culture-exchange project between Germany and Israel, orgenized by Kultursekretariats Nordrhein-Westfalen, Wuppertal.


Aziz + Cucher: Passage

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The first solo exhibition of Aziz + Cucher in Israel, focused on selections from three bodies of work produced since 1995: Dystopia, Interiors and the Chimera series, as well as a premier presentation of their first digital animation Passage.


Nicola Costantino: Boutique

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Nicola Costantino is operating on the borderline between art, fashion and gender. Her Boutique installation included fashion items made of silicon casting and polyurethane injection chillingly resemble to human skin.


Gil Shachar: Hand Made

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The works presented in Hand Made were created between 1997-2002 in Germany. Reflecting the spirit of absurdity and paradox, the exhibition focused on Shachar’s interest in universal contents and general questions pertaining to vision and seeing, human hubris, vanitas, illusion, loss, violence and death.



The Gershman Y, Philadelphia

A Multi-Site Exhibition of Contemporary Israeli Art, organized by the Gershman Y in Philadelphia. The exhibition dealt with the concept of landscape and cultivated nature in post-Zionist Israeli art, as reflected in works by Gal Weinstein, Sharon Ya’ari, Ariane Littman-Cohen and Roi Kuper.


Havana Nagila

Chelouche Gallery, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Julie M. Gallery, and the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv

The first Cuban-Israeli multi-sites project in Israel consisted on 15 Cuban artists and 9 Israelis which I paired in various installations, based on overlapping aspects and similarities.
Naomi Fisher, Rhinestone Butt (from You Can’t Fight Mutha Nature), 1998


Mount Miami: American Artists in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios

The concept behind this show was inspired by a spectacular unrealized project to create a snow mountain in Miami Beach. This idea served as a key metaphor for the exhibition which showcased 14 American artists, for whom Miami is the ultimate model of multi-culturalism, fantasy, artificiality, simulation and fakery.
Tsibi Geva, Notes on the Days of Awe II, ‏1999


Phantoms: Tsibi Geva and Jose Bedia

ArtFocus 3, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem

Two site-specific installations created for ArtFocus 3, an international biennial located in Jerusalem. The project aimed to link between the Israeli artist Tsibi Geva and the Cuban-American artist Jose Bedia.
Nir Hod, Woman-Soldiers, 1994


Desert Cliché: Israel Now – Local Images

Arad Museum, Israel; Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach; Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel; Grey Art Gallery & Study Center of New York University; Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta and Yerba Buena Center for the Art, San Francisco

A traveling exhibition (co-curated with Amy Cappellazzo) commissioned by the Bass Museum, Miami Beach.


Meta-Sex 94: Identity, Body and Sexuality

Museum of Art, Ein Harod; Bat Yam Museum, Israel

Meta-Sex 94 (co-curated with Prof. Tamar Elor) was one of the first exhibitions in Israel that dealt with gender issues. It reflected a local as well as international tendency that culminated in the 1990's: a preoccupation with issues of sexuality and identity.



The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

For the first time in the Israeli art scene Antipathos offered a diversity of post-modern voices of a terminal humor, devoid of any nostalgia and great dreams, indulging in perversion and sweet narcissism.
Tsibi Geva, Fire 2, 1991



The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery Tel Aviv University

Postscripts reflected diverse views of the notion of the “end” towards the threatening end of the second millennium in the Middle East. It offered a commentary on works by leading Israeli artists that related to the millennial context.